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Abortion….My Right…..My Choice

It’s commonly debated, if woman has right to choose abortion
as an option to deal with unwanted pregnancy? There are social, emotional, religious, psychological and economical
considerations before taking decision on pregnancy. Usually couples plan for
family and take scientific fertility-cycle approach to conceive a baby. Such
babies are very well planned, perceived and conceived hence all the aspects
like house, child care, maternity expenses, setting up nursery, baby sitting, upbringing
and educational expenses are proactively planned by the couple. Families
celebrate the news of arrival of planned babies. Nevertheless, not all babies
are planned. Unfortunately there are few unplanned pregnancies. Once the woman
gets the news about pregnancy it’s completely decision of the couple to decide,
if the wish to go ahead with the pregnancy or terminate the pregnancy. Sometimes
babies are conceived just in spur of the moment like you forget protection; you
ran out of condoms or just got carried away and made passionate love. But if
any such failure results in unwanted pregnancy then it’s time to act wisely and
decide fast, so if you wish to continue the pregnancy or wish to abort it. There
are various factors to be considered, age of parents to be, social set-up,
financial, emotional and economical status of the parents to be. You should
retain this gift of the God if you are able to afford the child and give the
child the beautiful life it deserves. 
You are too young or too old to care for baby, you are broke and running
out of money to pay for your mortgage or simply have no resources to support
the child, it’s wise to end such unwanted pregnancy. Just surrendering to the pressure
from family, society and religious groups will not last long. Ultimately your
child is your responsibility.

10 Factors to evaluate before Going Ahead with Unwanted Pregnancy
  1.  Are you physically and
    mentally fit to conceive baby?
  2. Do you know who the father of the baby is?
  3. Will your partner agree to have a child?
  4. Will you get required support from your partner and family if
    you have a child?
  5. How effectively parenting work for you and your partner?
  6. Can you raise a child without partner?
  7. Can you afford medical expenses and educational expenses of
    the child?
  8. Can you manage your work / studies with the child without
    help from anyone?
  9. Who would take care of the child when you go to work or
  10. Can you afford child care expenses like day care or nanny?

If your answer to 5 0r more questions is NO then
you should discuss and consider abortion
as the option to terminate unwanted pregnancy.

As per data available there were 12 registered abortions per
1000 pregnancies in United States of America in year 2015. This number would be
much higher if we add home abortions. Roughly there are 1.2% of Clinical
Abortions and about 5% home abortions. Home
is safe, cheap, discreet, convenient and effective if carried upto
12th week of pregnancy. Today there are several FDA approved
products like MPT Kit for Safe Home Abortion If you take too much
time to decide for abortion and you pass 12th week the only option
you have is clinical abortion which is expensive and has social stigma.

Respect Existence or Expect Resistance…..Your
pregnancy…..Your Choice….Choose wisely
Safe Abortion……Your Right!!!!!!

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Medical Abortion – Treatment, Procedure And Side Effects

Medical Abortion – Treatment, Procedure And Side Effects
What is the treatment?
When an unwanted,
unplanned or natural
pregnancy is deliberately terminated at
an early stage it is known an abortion. On occasion an abortion may take place
by itself, that is, naturally and there may be many factors to such kind of
abortion, mainly being stress or trauma. In such cases, it is called a 
miscarriage, also known as spontaneous abortion.
Medical Abortion is a type of service offered to women who do not want to continue
their pregnancy. In such cases, they may end their pregnancy either by using
Abortion pills or 
If you
have a doubt that you are 
pregnant or have confirmed your
pregnancy through a home test or an ultrasound test, make sure to consult a gynaecologist
immediately. If you want to 
terminate the
pregnancy, it is best to do it in the first trimester of pregnancy that is, in
first three months or 12 weeks of pregnancy. Thus, make sure to discuss all
your options with a gynaecologist. Early 
termination of pregnancy in
a proper manner also reduces the risks involved.

a pregnancy is a big decision and one that is very difficult to make specially
for a women. Thus, it should be carefully considered for all pros and cons and
the women should also be mentally prepared to do so. In the case of any type of
dilemma, counselling may be opted for. One can either speak to their gynaecologist
about the repurcussions of an abortion or discuss it with a close friend or family
member whom you trust. Only after serious deliberation should an abortion be
considered as once done is an irreversible process.
How is the treatment done?
are typically two ways to terminate a pregnancy. The first method is known as a
medical abortion, this method uses abortion pills, MTP kit, Mifegest Kit and
other pills to terminate unplanned or unwanted pregnancy and the second method
is known as a surgical abortion which is to surgically remove the fetus from
the womb.
MedicalAbortion– A medical abortion generally involves the consumption of medicines like
Mifepristone and Misoprostol to terminate a pregnancy. This type of abortion
can only be done if the pregnancy is less than 12 weeks. In a medical abortion,
two types of ‘abortion pills’ are taken orally  and bucally or vaginally within a gap of 24-48
hours, which induces an abortion similar to miscarriage.

abortion – This is generally done after 9 weeks of pregnancy, it is a very short
procedure in which the fetus is removed surgically. There are two types of
surgical abortion procedures and these include vacuum aspiration and dilation
and evacuation (D&E).
aspiration involves the use of a vacuum device or suction device which
effectively sucks out and eliminates the uterine contents via the cervix. Apart
from eliminating pregnancy, this procedure is also done in the case of
endometrial biopsy.
and evacuation – In this type of surgical abortion, the cervix is first dilated
after which the uterine contents are surgically removed with the help of
forceps. Dilation and evacuation are generally done if the pregnancy is at the
max 12 weeks.
Who is eligible for the treatment? (When is the treatment done?)
eligibility generally depends on the stage and duration of a woman’s pregnancy.
A medical abortion can be opted for before the pregnancy reaches 12 weeks,
after which a woman can only undergo a surgical abortion and should not try
medical abortion as that does not work.
Who is not eligible for the treatment?
are a number of countries which do not allow abortion after a woman has reached
24 weeks of her pregnancy. While women who are under 18 need parents’ consent
before they can get an abortion in a clinic.
Are there any side effects?
both the medical and surgical abortion procedures are quite safe, every
procedure and treatment do involve some risks. Abortion risks include –
infection in the womb.
Excessive bleeding may result after termination.
cervix can get damaged
womb can get damaged.
Abortion is safest if it is done at the earliest. In the case of any
complications, a gynaecologist should be consulted immediately and relevant
treatment should be started immediately. Opting for an abortion does not reduce
any chance of a future pregnancy.
What are the post-treatment guidelines?
the abortion complete recovery is very important. The guidelines are –
sex only after 2 weeks, post the procedure to avoid any infection.
Take a
pregnancy test to confirm if the procedure was a success. The test should be
taken about 4 weeks post the procedure.
Oral Contraception,
Vaginal contraceptions should be used immediately after the procedure.
Wait a
day post the treatment and then take a bath, primarily because you may still be
a bit weak from the medicine that was given to you for the procedure.
should be used only 4 weeks post the procedure to reduce any infections.
How long does it take to recover?
abortion procedure takes about two days to complete and the recovery period may
take about 2 weeks depending on complications and case to case basis.
What is the price of the treatment in USA?
an abortion may cost from $200 – to $3000 depending on the kind of procedure
that is undergone. This depends if one is undergoing Medical abortion or
surgical abortion.
Are the results of the treatment permanent?
the results of the treatment are permanent
What are the alternatives to the treatment?
alternative way of abortion includes the use of herbs to trigger a miscarriage.
This is known as herbal abortion but these are not recommended as they are not
fool proof.
not entirely an alternative to abortion, having the baby and giving it up for
adoption may also be considered.


Safe Home Abortion

We have been serving millions of customers through our online pharmacy. Very frequently our clients ask us How to do abortion at home? Hence we thought of writing this blog to help all our clients to evaluate safe home abortion as easy, convenient and pocket friendly option. Do read on this blog for entire information and use it as handy literature for safe home abortion.

Children are considered as gift from the God. Usually we plan for babies which results in ‘planned pregnancy’. Sometimes we end up with ‘unplanned pregnancy’ at this juncture it’s important to decide how to deal with ‘unwanted pregnancy’

For early pregnancy upto 12 weeks there are FDA approved safe AbortionPills that can be taken orally at home. These pills are safe, clinically tested, FDA approved, cheap (pocket friendly) and easy to administer. Here are few easy tips for safe home abortion.

How to order Abortion Pills?

  • Determine early and if you decide to terminate the pregnancy act immediately.
  • Early pregnancy upto 12 weeks can be terminated using Abortion Pills.
  • Consult your physician and get prescription to buy Abortion Pills.
  • In cases where it is not feasible to visit a physician and get prescription paper, we recommend you to buy it from trusted online pharmacy like to buy Abortion Pills.
  • Never buy pills from unauthorised online pharmacies. You can easily identify such fraud pharmacies as they do not have calling numbers. Always check Contact page before placing order.
  • Usually products like Mifepristone  popularly known as mifeprex, mifegest, cytotec etc. Or product like Misoprostol are used for safe home abortion.
  • As per our experience and doctor recommendation the combination of both drugs Mifepristone and Misoprostol  works best for safe home abortion. This combination is popularly known as Abortion Kit, MTP Kit or Mifegest kit. You can buy this product on
  • Do consult your doctor if you have known allergy of Mifepristone or Misoprostol.
  • Do get an ultrasound done to check if your pregnancy is not ectopic.
  • You could opt for standard shipping or express shipping option depending on advancement of your pregnancy and your choice.
  • Online pharmacy usually takes 15 to 20 days to deliver product under standard shipping option.
  • If you have opted for express shipping option, you will get your product within 4-5 working days. We recommend using express shipping option to get product fast.
  • Usually you get option to pay using your Debit card, Credit card, PayPal, Western Union, Paypal etc. as per your convenience.
MTP Kit or Mifegest Kit

How to use Abortion Pills?

It is a combination of two tablets, First you have take a tablet of Mifepristone orally and wait for 48 hours, then insert Misoprostol pills in the vagina.

How does Abortion Pills work?

Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone hormone (hormone that supports pregnancy) it acts by blocking the effects of progesterone. Misoprostol works on the uterus and it helps to produce strong contractions and softens the cervix to ease safe abortion and helps to expel the embryo from the female body just as a woman gets her periods.

What happens after taking Abortion Pills?

Majority users reported mild to severe cramps and bleeding within 4 hours of inserting Misoprostol pills.  Normally bleeding may contain large blood clots (not more than size of lemon) as chunks of tissue are discarded. One may need to see doctor for unbearable pain and /or when there is no bleeding within 24 hours after Misoprostol is administered.

Some OTC painkiller can be taken to ease out cramps. If you have opted for Mifegest kit you may not need any other pain killer as the Mifegest kit contains required pain killers to ease out pain and reduce bleeding.

Usually woman experience cramps and bleeding for several hours. Mostly pregnancy tissue is aborted within 4-5 hours of taking medicine but few may experience a longer time. The cramps and bleeding reduces after pregnancy tissue is aborted (tissue comes out completely)It is normal to experience post minor occasional post cramps for a day or two. However, bleeding may last for few days. You can use you can use pads, tampons, or a menstrual cup etc., as per your convenience.

Self care post home abortion:

Post abortion woman is weak physically and mentally hence complete recovery of body and mind is important. Follow balanced healthy diet, mild exercise, proper sleep and medication routine to help body and mind to recover completely from abortion and regain the strength.

Few days post abortion buy home pregnancy test kit and do the test to ensure you are no longer pregnant. It is unlikely but if the test shows positive result you may need to see the doctor for seeking expert advice or opt for clinical procedure to complete abortion.


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