Abortion….My Right…..My Choice

It’s commonly debated, if woman has right to choose abortion
as an option to deal with unwanted pregnancy? There are social, emotional, religious, psychological and economical
considerations before taking decision on pregnancy. Usually couples plan for
family and take scientific fertility-cycle approach to conceive a baby. Such
babies are very well planned, perceived and conceived hence all the aspects
like house, child care, maternity expenses, setting up nursery, baby sitting, upbringing
and educational expenses are proactively planned by the couple. Families
celebrate the news of arrival of planned babies. Nevertheless, not all babies
are planned. Unfortunately there are few unplanned pregnancies. Once the woman
gets the news about pregnancy it’s completely decision of the couple to decide,
if the wish to go ahead with the pregnancy or terminate the pregnancy. Sometimes
babies are conceived just in spur of the moment like you forget protection; you
ran out of condoms or just got carried away and made passionate love. But if
any such failure results in unwanted pregnancy then it’s time to act wisely and
decide fast, so if you wish to continue the pregnancy or wish to abort it. There
are various factors to be considered, age of parents to be, social set-up,
financial, emotional and economical status of the parents to be. You should
retain this gift of the God if you are able to afford the child and give the
child the beautiful life it deserves. 
You are too young or too old to care for baby, you are broke and running
out of money to pay for your mortgage or simply have no resources to support
the child, it’s wise to end such unwanted pregnancy. Just surrendering to the pressure
from family, society and religious groups will not last long. Ultimately your
child is your responsibility.

10 Factors to evaluate before Going Ahead with Unwanted Pregnancy
  1.  Are you physically and
    mentally fit to conceive baby?
  2. Do you know who the father of the baby is?
  3. Will your partner agree to have a child?
  4. Will you get required support from your partner and family if
    you have a child?
  5. How effectively parenting work for you and your partner?
  6. Can you raise a child without partner?
  7. Can you afford medical expenses and educational expenses of
    the child?
  8. Can you manage your work / studies with the child without
    help from anyone?
  9. Who would take care of the child when you go to work or
  10. Can you afford child care expenses like day care or nanny?

If your answer to 5 0r more questions is NO then
you should discuss and consider abortion
as the option to terminate unwanted pregnancy.

As per data available there were 12 registered abortions per
1000 pregnancies in United States of America in year 2015. This number would be
much higher if we add home abortions. Roughly there are 1.2% of Clinical
Abortions and about 5% home abortions. Home
is safe, cheap, discreet, convenient and effective if carried upto
12th week of pregnancy. Today there are several FDA approved
products like MPT Kit for Safe Home Abortion If you take too much
time to decide for abortion and you pass 12th week the only option
you have is clinical abortion which is expensive and has social stigma.

Respect Existence or Expect Resistance…..Your
pregnancy…..Your Choice….Choose wisely
Safe Abortion……Your Right!!!!!!

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