Best Pills for Safe Home Abortion

Year on year
the number of home abortions are increasing all over the world. Some countries
and religion consider it as legal; however some religion and countries do not
consider abortion as legal. There is a thin line between if it’s correct to
abort the unborn. Hence home abortion is becoming increasingly popular method
to deal with unwanted pregnancy.  Home abortion is safe, private, economical
and effective method to end early – pregnancy.

of women world over are choosing ‘abortion pill’ for safe home abortion. The
abortion pill pack contains combination of two drugs namely mifepristone and misoprostol.  Usually
combination of two drugs is most effective way of medical abortion at home. Success
rate is over 98% during first trimester of pregnancy. In certain cases when
Mifepristone is unavailable, some women use Misoprostol only, which is also
proven scientifically 85% effective for medical abortion upto 10 weeks from
last period date. 

We recommend
using popular product called ‘Mifgest Kit’ or ‘MTP Kit’ for home abortion. This
product contains both drugs as per required dosage and one can easily buy this product
from chemist with doctors prescription alternately you can also buy it from
your trusted online pharmacy with discreet shipping option.

abortion is preferred by women over clinical abortion. Medical abortion (home
abortion) is safe, easy, discreet, cheap and effective to end early pregnancy
upto 12 weeks or first trimester. Abortion pills are FDA approved and
scientifically proven to be safe for women.

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