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Abortion, Amy’s way!

For Amy, taking the abortion
online was like getting through “an extremely painful
poop.” It hurt, a lot, and then it was done. She was bartending at the
time, light-years away from thinking about motherhood, and decided on
medication abortion. At $215, it was a much cheaper option than a surgical
abortion. Plus, Amy wanted do it in the privacy and ease of her own home. Two
pills, four days, and several pairs of bloody underwear later (“it was
basically like an extra heavy period for a week as compared to the regular
menstrual cycle,” she says), she went back to work at the bar.
Medical abortion or the “abortion
using MTP Kit
” is a safe way to terminate an unwanted or
unplanned pregnancy — one that women like Amy would prefer anytime over
surgical abortion for numerous reasons. It now accounts for more than one-third
of all clinical abortions in the United States.
With reproductive rights under attack in the
country, the idea of an abortion pill taken on your own terms and in the safety
of your own home, is increasingly appealing to a lot of women worldwide now.
Since 2011, medical abortions have
risen in popularity by nearly 25 percent. The process, however, is shrouded in
mystery and misinformation. Here’s everything you need to know.
Also called “medical abortion,” the abortion pill
is a way to stop the progress of a pregnancy and then help the body expel it.
It involves taking two different pills (mifepristone and Misoprostol) in the
first 12 weeks of pregnancy. The first is mifepristone, which blocks progesterone and
prevents the pregnancy from furthering. The second is misoprostol, which ends the pregnancy.
Planned Parenthood describes it “like having a really heavy, cramp-y
period, and the process is very similar to an early miscarriage.” You
should take misoprostol 24 to 48 hours after taking misoprostol, and Planned
Parenthood suggests calling a nurse or doctor if you don’t experience bleeding
after a day.
They are two very different things. The morning after pill helps prevent pregnancy
and the abortion pill helps ends pregnancy.
Is it safe?
Like any medical procedure, medication abortion has
some risks. Those can include blood clots, excessive bleeding, and infection if
this procedure is not done in a proper manner and no care is taken during the

How effective is
the abortion pill?
Very, and
has stats to back that up:
For people who are 8 weeks pregnant or less, it
works about 94-98 out of 100 times. For people who are 8-9 weeks pregnant, it
works about 94-96 out of 100 times. For people who are 9-10 weeks pregnant, it
works about 91-93 out of 100 times.
For ladies above 7 weeks may need 2 MTP kits to have a complete and proper
Where can you
get it?
This is the most simple question. The most common
way to buy abortion pill online is through also, you
will get the products without prescription. According to the FDA: “It is
only available to be dispensed in certain healthcare settings, specifically,
clinics, medical offices, and hospitals, by or under the supervision of a
certified prescriber. It is not available in retail pharmacies, and it is not
legally available over the Internet. However, we sell this not only to get
benefitted out of it but to pass the benefit to our customers. We are the
cheapest of all pharmacies and sell MTP Kits at $115 which no one else sells
them at such a low rate. In fact if someone wants to stock the product then
they may get it at $75 each if they purchase 5 kits.” offers
the pill at the cheapest possible price online.
However, because we live in an age where everything
is online, you’ll also find them available if you call the toll free number on +1 (866) 236
or send us an email on
Laws about medication abortion and how it can be administered via tele-health
vary state to state. A detailed breakdown of which states require prescribing
clinicians to be in the physical presence of a patient can be found on google.
Is it safe to
buy the abortion pill from an online pharmacy?
Some people in the U.S. choose to self-manage their
abortions by ordering the abortion pill through non FDA-approved websites.
has quality products, price, and shipping time.

Can you get in
trouble for buying it online?
We at
keep your order discreet and do not divulge any of your information including
names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, credit card info and product purchased
. None of our customers have ever gotten into trouble because of
buying from us.

Sex In Many Ways

There are different ways to satisfy
yourself with different kinds of sex however you need good communication and mutual
consent no matter what kind of sex is involved. Sex can lead to pregnancy
and/or has risks involved with getting contracted to STDs, but there are a few ways
to protect yourself from contracting these diseases.
What’s sex?

Different people define
“sex” in many different ways. Some people believe that it only counts
as sex if there is an intercourse involved where a penis goes into a vagina,
but this isn’t a fact for everybody. Various types of sex include:
  • Vaginal
    sex (penis-in-vagina which is termed as intercourse)
  • Oral
    sex (mouth-to-genital contact)
  • Anal
    sex (penis-in-butt which is again termed as intercourse)
  • Fingering
    or hand jobs (hand-to-genital contact)
  • Dry
    humping or genital rubbing
  • Masturbation
    (touching yourself)
Whatever sex means to you, being
sexual with another person comes with a lot of responsibility but at the spur
of the moment who thinks about the responsibility??? Before you have sex, you
should think about what things you feel comfortable doing and what not, ask
what the other person feels comfortable doing, and think about any risks
involved — like any sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancy and how to
help prevent them.
It’s just as important to stop for a
while and think about what you DON’T feel comfortable doing and then express
about it to your partner. And, its completely okay, if you’re in the middle of
doing something that you thought you wanted to do but change your mind. You can
stop any time you want and make your partner understand which is very important
for the relationship.
If you’re going to have vaginal,
oral, or anal sex, talk with your partner about how you’ll help protect each
other from sexually transmitted diseases or 
unwanted pregnancy.
If you’re having vaginal sex, it’s
also important to use adequate protection for birth control if you
don’t want to get pregnant.

What’s oral sex?

Many terms like Going down, Eating
out, Blow job are used to define ORAL SEX. These are all names for oral sex which
include using your mouth to stimulate another person’s genitals for pleasure.
You won’t get pregnant in such an act but there are always chances of
contracting STD if this is done with unknown partner. The most common problems
couples face is UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)
Some people love oral sex, and others
find it disgusting. Some people like giving oral sex but don’t like getting it
themselves. Some like getting it but not giving it. And all of this is totally
fine and normal as it’s up to you to decide what you’re comfortable with, and
let your partner know and make him / her understand.
You can’t get pregnant from oral sex
even if someone discharges the sperms in ones mouth, but as mentioned earlier, you
can get an STD for sure if you don’t protect yourself properly. Although it’s
less likely you’ll get an STD from oral sex than from unprotected vaginal or
anal sex, but it is safer to use protection. Use a 
condom to cover the penis,
or a 
dental dam or cut-open
condom to cover the vulva or anus to help prevent STDs.

What’s anal sex?

Anal sex (inserting penis in anus /
butt) means penis-in-anus (butt) intercourse. Some people enjoy anal sex, and
some people don’t like it at all. It seems easy and interesting if you watch
porn but it is very difficult and the most vulnerable way to get STD. If you
don’t like it or don’t want to try it, it’s not ok for someone to force you
into it. Sex should feel good and be comfortable for both of you which helps in
beating stress and get you that feel good feeling.
Anal sex can hurt a lot if you’re not
relaxed and don’t use 
lubricant as it will increase the
risk of STD
. The anus doesn’t make it’s own lubrication like the vagina does, so
using lube helps the penis (or a sex toy) go in the anus easier and keeps the
condom from breaking. Anal sex won’t make you pregnant.
Please ensure you do not use anything
with oil in it, like Vaseline, lotion, or baby oil. Oil based lubricants can
weaken a condom and make it more likely to break. You can get safe lubricants
(water or silicone based) in the condom aisle at drug and grocery stores.
You should always listen to your body
and stop if you are not enjoying it due to the pain. If anal sex (or any sex)
hurts, stop doing it and talk to your partner, doctor on how to overcome the
pain. Sex that’s painful or uncomfortable shouldn’t continue and your partner needs
to respect that.
You can’t get pregnant from anal sex.
But there’s a huge chance of getting STDs, including HIV, from unprotected anal
sex (without a condom) especially with unknown partners. So it’s important to
always use condoms and lubricants to lower your chances of getting contracted
to Sexually Transmitted Disease.

What’s vaginal sex?

This is the most favourite and widely
used sex act. Vaginal sex is when a penis goes inside a vagina and stimulates.
Some people really enjoy vaginal sex, and some people don’t mainly because of
several factors like tight foreskin which does not clide back or small vaginal
opening or some people have very large penis size. Some people enjoy with
vulva/clitoris orgasm from
vaginal sex alone, and some people don’t get stimulated or reach an orgasm with
this kind of act. Just like different kinds of sex, everyone likes different
things. Let your partner know what you feel good about.
The risk of getting pregnant and passing
of STDs from unprotected vaginal sex is very much higher than other ways. But
there are a lot of different 
birth control methods that help
prevent pregnancy. Just like with oral and anal sex, condoms can help prevent
STDs and also prevent pregnancy. Do not try to wear 2 condoms at one time
thinking it will give you double protection. Accidents mostly happen when one
wears 2 condoms as they tend to tear and leak semen. In case one get pregnant
during a steamy unprotected sex session, they can have an abortion upto 12
weeks of gestation without undergoing a knife. The easy way to order complete
abortion kit at your doorstep is to go to and
order them with with a click of a button. The products are FDA approved and GMP
certified. Besides this No Prescription is required to buy abortion pills
online or buy mtp kit online. Amazing customer service, 24 x 7 support, email
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What’s an orgasm?

An orgasm is actually an amazing
feeling at the climax of the sexual act. It is the release of tension that happens
during sex or masturbation which is a result of a feel good hormone secreted in
our brain. It’s can be intense and feels really good. Having an orgasm is
sometimes called coming/cumming or climaxing. Men climax rather fast and women
take time to climax, men can have 1 orgasm per act and has to restart stroking
or having sex to achieve another orgasm after one act finishes while women can
have multiple orgasms within one act. Its like tickling the right spot the
right way.
Before and during an orgasm, you
might notice changes to your body like:
  • your
    face and chest may become warm and red
  • your
    heart may beats faster
  • you
    may experience muscle spasms in your genitals which gives you a good
  • a
    pleasurable feeling in your genitals or even across your whole body with
    sometimes send mild tremors throughout the body.
During an orgasm, the penis squirts a
small amount of semen which may vary with every act or person to person, a
whitish liquid that contains potent millions of sperms and other fluids. This
is called ejaculation. It’s possible to have an orgasm without ejaculating or
to ejaculate without an orgasm, but they usually happen together. Also there is
a misconception that if you withdraw your penis before you ejaculate the lady
won’t get pregnant. The pre-cum which flows during the act which also is a part
of lubrication during the act can get you pregnant. So beware!!
It’s also possible for fluid to ooze
out of the vulva before or during an orgasm this is sometimes called female
ejaculation or squirting. This fluid isn’t pee or urine. Female ejaculation is
less common than ejaculation out of the penis, but if it happens, it’s totally normal
and nothing is weird or wrong with you.
Every body is different and there’s
not one “right” way to have an orgasm as each one experiences orgasm in
different way. One might be able to have an orgasm quickly and easily while
others might need more time or a very specific type of stimulation to achieve
orgasm. One might be able to have an orgasm when you masturbate but not when you
have sex with a partner. All of these differences are normal.  
The goal should be the pleasure both
the partners enjoy and not the orgasm. Also, if both partners think about each
other to satisfy their sexual climax the act becomes wonderful experience for
both of them and none goes disappointed!


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Herpes a Sexually Transmitted Disease

Herpes can be treated in different ways and many of the advice’s provided in the forum are really very helpful …

MTP Kit Online

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Medical Abortion Vs Surgical Abortion

The experience of an
unwanted pregnancy and taking a decision to have an abortion can be taxing to
the female who undergoes this situation and above all choosing which type of
abortion procedure should one undergo can add to the confusion. We are here to discuss
the differences between surgical abortion and medical abortion, in order to help you
better decide and understand the choices available to you.

Surgical abortion
Surgical abortion is one
of the most
openly and commonly performed and safest surgical procedures across
the world as it is done under the supervision of doctors and medical
with up to
100,000+ women undergoing the procedure annuallyThis
procedure is
performed in the first trimester, up to 14 weeks’ gestation, surgical abortion
has a
very low
complication rate when
it is carried out during the first trimester. While surgical abortion can be performed in the second trimester (which
up to 20 weeks in most
and others depending on the state law); this does involve a more complex surgical procedure but
is a bit risky
A surgical abortion in
the first trimester is most often carried out under ‘twilight sedation’,
an option of a local
anaesthetic is
always available if one opts for it. Once the anaesthesia has taken effect, the doctor inserts a small tube into the uterus and applies gentle suction, doing
the contents and lining of the uterus. This is why a surgical abortion is
also called a ‘suction
The procedure takes
around 10
to 15 minutes; however, from the point of admission at the clinic, to OT preparation for the
surgery a
nd recovery from the anaesthesia, going
surgical abortion can take
upto 4 – 5 hours. You will need to be driven home once the effect of anesthesia wears
off and post operative care is done
The risks of
surgical abortion
Surgical abortion is considered
one of the safest
operations carried out
in USA and other parts of the world; however, any surgery does
along with the procedure. Some complications can occur in an estimated approx 2% to 3% of cases, major
complications are
a bit rare. Below is a comprehensive list of the risks associated with surgical abortion:
Incomplete or partial abortion is the most common complication (up to 2%)2, and occurs when a small piece of the fetus or uterine
lining remains in the
uterus. This may result in
heavy and problematic bleeding or cramping and procedure may be required to
be repeated which is a bit hassle
Ongoing pregnancy is uncommon (1 in 500) but is more likely in
procedures performed under 6 weeks.
Infection due to the procedure is uncommon (less than 1%). Appropriate Antibiotics will
be prescribed
your procedure to reduce the risk.
Damage to the cervix is very uncommon and rarely has any longstanding effects.
Perforation of the uterus or a hole in the wall due to a surgical device is potentially the most
serious complication
one can experience however, it is rare with an
experienced surgeon.
Haemorrhage following a surgical abortion in the first trimester is rare but
cannot be ruled out
Women who experience
heavy bleeding, fever or severe pain or discomfort following a surgical
abortion must
consult a doctor immediately.
Issues with
surgical abortion!
abortion is
considered a very safe and highly successful option for termination of pregnancy in
the first trimester
however it is very inconvenient and cannot be a
discreet option
. But,
some of t
advantages of choosing a surgical abortion are:
It can be performed later in the pregnancy than a medical
(later than 12 weeks as compared to medical
abortion which can be done max till 12th week of pregnancy)
The procedure takes 4 to 5 hours from admission till the complete
procedure is over;
It usually involves visits to the clinic;
There’s usually less bleeding and cramping than with a medical abortion
but its more painful as compared to medical abortion;
Medical staff are present to help throughout the procedure;
It can be performed under twilight sedation, which reduces awareness and
pain but pain returns post procedure;
It has a very low complication rate and a high success rate; which is also
the same with Medical Abortion
Its an expensive procedure
Medical abortion –
A Boon for Women Across the World
Medical abortion has been
more widely available worldwide now, and is a non-surgical abortion option
which is widely accepted by women all over, available to most women up to 84 days
. Choosing between a medical or surgical abortion is very much
dependent on your circumstances and personal preference. However, Medical
Abortion is preferred over Surgical procedure hands down.
For many women, the
availability of medical abortion means greater privacy and is a non invasive
process in accessing a termination. The more recent introduction of 
abortion via teleconsultation
has also made early termination more readily available to women living
in rural and regional areas or without access to an abortion clinic.
Medical abortion is
available up to 12 weeks (84 days) gestation. The abortion procedure is
completed  using a combination of two
medications Misoprostol
and Mifepristone
which work in tandem to terminate a pregnancy.
This procedure can be completed and you could take the medicine yourself
at the convenience of your home with privacy. This medication is an
anti-hormone, which acts by blocking the effects of necessary hormone
progesterone – this hormone is needed for a pregnancy to maintain and continue.
24 to 48 hours after taking the first medication, you take the second
medication buccally (which means you place the tablets between the cheek and
gum for 30 minutes before swallowing any remaining fragments with water) or
insert it in the vagina.
The second medication opens
the cervix and assists the uterus to expel the fetus. This should occur between
30 minutes to 24 hours after taking the second medication depending on individual
to individual, but most women can expect to experience some vaginal bleeding,
cramping and to pass some pregnancy tissue within 4 hours of taking the
Before being prescribed
the medication for medical abortion you must have an ultrasound to determine
that you are no more than 12 weeks (84 days) pregnant and to ensure the
pregnancy is not  ectopic (a pregnancy in
the tubes).
Almost all women are
suitable for a medical abortion, however, there are a few medical conditions
that may mean you are not suitable which is approx 2%. These medical conditions
are as follows: If you have a bleeding disorder or are on blood thinning
medications, if you have adrenal gland problems or are taking corticosteroid
medications, severe asthma, a medical abortion is unsuitable for you. You need
to consult your doctor in such cases where your doctor will take a medical
history  in consideration to make sure
that you are eligible for a medical abortion. You will also need to have access
emergency medical care during the time you are having the medical abortion just
in case you need it.
What are the risks
of medical
Medical abortion is the
most safe and effective method of terminating a pregnancy up to 12 weeks’
gestation; however, like surgical abortion, medical abortion carries some
Incomplete abortion is the most common complication (1-4%) and
occurs when the pregnancy is not completely expelled from the uterus, causing
cramping or heavy bleeding to continue even after the procedure is completed. A
surgical procedure may be required if the bleeding or cramping do not settle
but this is in 1% of the cases and is very rare.
Ongoing pregnancy occurs in less than 1% of cases. A surgical abortion is
recommended to compete the procedure and should be done to ensure there are not
complications later or new born could have some deformity.
Infection is uncommon (less than 1%).
Excessive bleeding severe enough to require a blood transfusion occurs
in around 1 in 1,000 cases.
What happens after
taking the second medication
Vaginal bleeding and
cramping is normal and usually starts within a few hours of taking the second
medication (misoprostol). The amount of bleeding and cramping varies from
patient to patient.
Bleeding lasts on average 10 to 16 days3 and it is usual for bleeding to
be heavier than a normal period for 2 to 3 days.
Side effects of the medication can also include nausea, vomiting,
diarrhoea and chills or fever but these are usually mild and short lived.
Contact the doctor
immediately if:
You are soaking more than 2 maxi pads per hour for more than 2 hours;
You have severe cramps or pain uncontrolled by pain medication;
You have fever, chills, severe pain or other side effects which continue
more than 24 hours after taking misoprostol;
You have any concerns after taking the medication.
If bleeding does not
occur, some patients may require a repeat dose of misoprostol, or another
method of termination may be suggested. You should contact your doctor as soon
as possible if this occurs.
Why to choose medical
If your pregnancy is
under 12 weeks’ gestation and you prefer to keep it discreet, not to undergo
surgery, do not have enough money for surgical procedure, want to do it at the
ease of your home, then a medical
abortion is the best option
. Other reasons women choose medical abortion
over surgical abortion include:
It does not requires anaesthesia;
The procedure is absolutely non-invasive;
There is absolute privacy than with a surgical abortion;
As a non-surgical procedure, there are no surgical risks associated with
medical abortion;
You are at the comfort of your home and can have the support of friends
and/or family if needed;
It feels ‘more natural’, as it has similar experience of having a heavy
period or miscarriage.
You know what’s
best for you?
Above all, the decision
to have a surgical or medical abortion is up to you and has to take into
account your particular circumstances, medical history and personal preference.
But looking at all the plus points the best option is MEDICAL ABORTION which
starts at meagre $170 where as you are sure to spend hundreds to thousands of
dollars in case of surgical abortion.
If you’d like to talk to
an experienced and supportive professional about your decision to have an
abortion, we provide free email 
decision-based counselling.
make an appointment or to discuss your options, 
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Best Pills for Safe Home Abortion

Year on year
the number of home abortions are increasing all over the world. Some countries
and religion consider it as legal; however some religion and countries do not
consider abortion as legal. There is a thin line between if it’s correct to
abort the unborn. Hence home abortion is becoming increasingly popular method
to deal with unwanted pregnancy.  Home abortion is safe, private, economical
and effective method to end early – pregnancy.

of women world over are choosing ‘abortion pill’ for safe home abortion. The
abortion pill pack contains combination of two drugs namely mifepristone and misoprostol.  Usually
combination of two drugs is most effective way of medical abortion at home. Success
rate is over 98% during first trimester of pregnancy. In certain cases when
Mifepristone is unavailable, some women use Misoprostol only, which is also
proven scientifically 85% effective for medical abortion upto 10 weeks from
last period date. 

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abortion is preferred by women over clinical abortion. Medical abortion (home
abortion) is safe, easy, discreet, cheap and effective to end early pregnancy
upto 12 weeks or first trimester. Abortion pills are FDA approved and
scientifically proven to be safe for women.

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Abortion….My Right…..My Choice

It’s commonly debated, if woman has right to choose abortion
as an option to deal with unwanted pregnancy? There are social, emotional, religious, psychological and economical
considerations before taking decision on pregnancy. Usually couples plan for
family and take scientific fertility-cycle approach to conceive a baby. Such
babies are very well planned, perceived and conceived hence all the aspects
like house, child care, maternity expenses, setting up nursery, baby sitting, upbringing
and educational expenses are proactively planned by the couple. Families
celebrate the news of arrival of planned babies. Nevertheless, not all babies
are planned. Unfortunately there are few unplanned pregnancies. Once the woman
gets the news about pregnancy it’s completely decision of the couple to decide,
if the wish to go ahead with the pregnancy or terminate the pregnancy. Sometimes
babies are conceived just in spur of the moment like you forget protection; you
ran out of condoms or just got carried away and made passionate love. But if
any such failure results in unwanted pregnancy then it’s time to act wisely and
decide fast, so if you wish to continue the pregnancy or wish to abort it. There
are various factors to be considered, age of parents to be, social set-up,
financial, emotional and economical status of the parents to be. You should
retain this gift of the God if you are able to afford the child and give the
child the beautiful life it deserves. 
You are too young or too old to care for baby, you are broke and running
out of money to pay for your mortgage or simply have no resources to support
the child, it’s wise to end such unwanted pregnancy. Just surrendering to the pressure
from family, society and religious groups will not last long. Ultimately your
child is your responsibility.

10 Factors to evaluate before Going Ahead with Unwanted Pregnancy
  1.  Are you physically and
    mentally fit to conceive baby?
  2. Do you know who the father of the baby is?
  3. Will your partner agree to have a child?
  4. Will you get required support from your partner and family if
    you have a child?
  5. How effectively parenting work for you and your partner?
  6. Can you raise a child without partner?
  7. Can you afford medical expenses and educational expenses of
    the child?
  8. Can you manage your work / studies with the child without
    help from anyone?
  9. Who would take care of the child when you go to work or
  10. Can you afford child care expenses like day care or nanny?

If your answer to 5 0r more questions is NO then
you should discuss and consider abortion
as the option to terminate unwanted pregnancy.

As per data available there were 12 registered abortions per
1000 pregnancies in United States of America in year 2015. This number would be
much higher if we add home abortions. Roughly there are 1.2% of Clinical
Abortions and about 5% home abortions. Home
is safe, cheap, discreet, convenient and effective if carried upto
12th week of pregnancy. Today there are several FDA approved
products like MPT Kit for Safe Home Abortion If you take too much
time to decide for abortion and you pass 12th week the only option
you have is clinical abortion which is expensive and has social stigma.

Respect Existence or Expect Resistance…..Your
pregnancy…..Your Choice….Choose wisely
Safe Abortion……Your Right!!!!!!

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Medical Abortion – Treatment, Procedure And Side Effects

Medical Abortion – Treatment, Procedure And Side Effects
What is the treatment?
When an unwanted,
unplanned or natural
pregnancy is deliberately terminated at
an early stage it is known an abortion. On occasion an abortion may take place
by itself, that is, naturally and there may be many factors to such kind of
abortion, mainly being stress or trauma. In such cases, it is called a 
miscarriage, also known as spontaneous abortion.
Medical Abortion is a type of service offered to women who do not want to continue
their pregnancy. In such cases, they may end their pregnancy either by using
Abortion pills or 
If you
have a doubt that you are 
pregnant or have confirmed your
pregnancy through a home test or an ultrasound test, make sure to consult a gynaecologist
immediately. If you want to 
terminate the
pregnancy, it is best to do it in the first trimester of pregnancy that is, in
first three months or 12 weeks of pregnancy. Thus, make sure to discuss all
your options with a gynaecologist. Early 
termination of pregnancy in
a proper manner also reduces the risks involved.

a pregnancy is a big decision and one that is very difficult to make specially
for a women. Thus, it should be carefully considered for all pros and cons and
the women should also be mentally prepared to do so. In the case of any type of
dilemma, counselling may be opted for. One can either speak to their gynaecologist
about the repurcussions of an abortion or discuss it with a close friend or family
member whom you trust. Only after serious deliberation should an abortion be
considered as once done is an irreversible process.
How is the treatment done?
are typically two ways to terminate a pregnancy. The first method is known as a
medical abortion, this method uses abortion pills, MTP kit, Mifegest Kit and
other pills to terminate unplanned or unwanted pregnancy and the second method
is known as a surgical abortion which is to surgically remove the fetus from
the womb.
MedicalAbortion– A medical abortion generally involves the consumption of medicines like
Mifepristone and Misoprostol to terminate a pregnancy. This type of abortion
can only be done if the pregnancy is less than 12 weeks. In a medical abortion,
two types of ‘abortion pills’ are taken orally  and bucally or vaginally within a gap of 24-48
hours, which induces an abortion similar to miscarriage.

abortion – This is generally done after 9 weeks of pregnancy, it is a very short
procedure in which the fetus is removed surgically. There are two types of
surgical abortion procedures and these include vacuum aspiration and dilation
and evacuation (D&E).
aspiration involves the use of a vacuum device or suction device which
effectively sucks out and eliminates the uterine contents via the cervix. Apart
from eliminating pregnancy, this procedure is also done in the case of
endometrial biopsy.
and evacuation – In this type of surgical abortion, the cervix is first dilated
after which the uterine contents are surgically removed with the help of
forceps. Dilation and evacuation are generally done if the pregnancy is at the
max 12 weeks.
Who is eligible for the treatment? (When is the treatment done?)
eligibility generally depends on the stage and duration of a woman’s pregnancy.
A medical abortion can be opted for before the pregnancy reaches 12 weeks,
after which a woman can only undergo a surgical abortion and should not try
medical abortion as that does not work.
Who is not eligible for the treatment?
are a number of countries which do not allow abortion after a woman has reached
24 weeks of her pregnancy. While women who are under 18 need parents’ consent
before they can get an abortion in a clinic.
Are there any side effects?
both the medical and surgical abortion procedures are quite safe, every
procedure and treatment do involve some risks. Abortion risks include –
infection in the womb.
Excessive bleeding may result after termination.
cervix can get damaged
womb can get damaged.
Abortion is safest if it is done at the earliest. In the case of any
complications, a gynaecologist should be consulted immediately and relevant
treatment should be started immediately. Opting for an abortion does not reduce
any chance of a future pregnancy.
What are the post-treatment guidelines?
the abortion complete recovery is very important. The guidelines are –
sex only after 2 weeks, post the procedure to avoid any infection.
Take a
pregnancy test to confirm if the procedure was a success. The test should be
taken about 4 weeks post the procedure.
Oral Contraception,
Vaginal contraceptions should be used immediately after the procedure.
Wait a
day post the treatment and then take a bath, primarily because you may still be
a bit weak from the medicine that was given to you for the procedure.
should be used only 4 weeks post the procedure to reduce any infections.
How long does it take to recover?
abortion procedure takes about two days to complete and the recovery period may
take about 2 weeks depending on complications and case to case basis.
What is the price of the treatment in USA?
an abortion may cost from $200 – to $3000 depending on the kind of procedure
that is undergone. This depends if one is undergoing Medical abortion or
surgical abortion.
Are the results of the treatment permanent?
the results of the treatment are permanent
What are the alternatives to the treatment?
alternative way of abortion includes the use of herbs to trigger a miscarriage.
This is known as herbal abortion but these are not recommended as they are not
fool proof.
not entirely an alternative to abortion, having the baby and giving it up for
adoption may also be considered.


Safe Home Abortion

We have been serving millions of customers through our online pharmacy. Very frequently our clients ask us How to do abortion at home? Hence we thought of writing this blog to help all our clients to evaluate safe home abortion as easy, convenient and pocket friendly option. Do read on this blog for entire information and use it as handy literature for safe home abortion.

Children are considered as gift from the God. Usually we plan for babies which results in ‘planned pregnancy’. Sometimes we end up with ‘unplanned pregnancy’ at this juncture it’s important to decide how to deal with ‘unwanted pregnancy’

For early pregnancy upto 12 weeks there are FDA approved safe AbortionPills that can be taken orally at home. These pills are safe, clinically tested, FDA approved, cheap (pocket friendly) and easy to administer. Here are few easy tips for safe home abortion.

How to order Abortion Pills?

  • Determine early and if you decide to terminate the pregnancy act immediately.
  • Early pregnancy upto 12 weeks can be terminated using Abortion Pills.
  • Consult your physician and get prescription to buy Abortion Pills.
  • In cases where it is not feasible to visit a physician and get prescription paper, we recommend you to buy it from trusted online pharmacy like to buy Abortion Pills.
  • Never buy pills from unauthorised online pharmacies. You can easily identify such fraud pharmacies as they do not have calling numbers. Always check Contact page before placing order.
  • Usually products like Mifepristone  popularly known as mifeprex, mifegest, cytotec etc. Or product like Misoprostol are used for safe home abortion.
  • As per our experience and doctor recommendation the combination of both drugs Mifepristone and Misoprostol  works best for safe home abortion. This combination is popularly known as Abortion Kit, MTP Kit or Mifegest kit. You can buy this product on
  • Do consult your doctor if you have known allergy of Mifepristone or Misoprostol.
  • Do get an ultrasound done to check if your pregnancy is not ectopic.
  • You could opt for standard shipping or express shipping option depending on advancement of your pregnancy and your choice.
  • Online pharmacy usually takes 15 to 20 days to deliver product under standard shipping option.
  • If you have opted for express shipping option, you will get your product within 4-5 working days. We recommend using express shipping option to get product fast.
  • Usually you get option to pay using your Debit card, Credit card, PayPal, Western Union, Paypal etc. as per your convenience.
MTP Kit or Mifegest Kit

How to use Abortion Pills?

It is a combination of two tablets, First you have take a tablet of Mifepristone orally and wait for 48 hours, then insert Misoprostol pills in the vagina.

How does Abortion Pills work?

Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone hormone (hormone that supports pregnancy) it acts by blocking the effects of progesterone. Misoprostol works on the uterus and it helps to produce strong contractions and softens the cervix to ease safe abortion and helps to expel the embryo from the female body just as a woman gets her periods.

What happens after taking Abortion Pills?

Majority users reported mild to severe cramps and bleeding within 4 hours of inserting Misoprostol pills.  Normally bleeding may contain large blood clots (not more than size of lemon) as chunks of tissue are discarded. One may need to see doctor for unbearable pain and /or when there is no bleeding within 24 hours after Misoprostol is administered.

Some OTC painkiller can be taken to ease out cramps. If you have opted for Mifegest kit you may not need any other pain killer as the Mifegest kit contains required pain killers to ease out pain and reduce bleeding.

Usually woman experience cramps and bleeding for several hours. Mostly pregnancy tissue is aborted within 4-5 hours of taking medicine but few may experience a longer time. The cramps and bleeding reduces after pregnancy tissue is aborted (tissue comes out completely)It is normal to experience post minor occasional post cramps for a day or two. However, bleeding may last for few days. You can use you can use pads, tampons, or a menstrual cup etc., as per your convenience.

Self care post home abortion:

Post abortion woman is weak physically and mentally hence complete recovery of body and mind is important. Follow balanced healthy diet, mild exercise, proper sleep and medication routine to help body and mind to recover completely from abortion and regain the strength.

Few days post abortion buy home pregnancy test kit and do the test to ensure you are no longer pregnant. It is unlikely but if the test shows positive result you may need to see the doctor for seeking expert advice or opt for clinical procedure to complete abortion.


Do visit to know more about safe home abortion or speak to customer service number to identify best products to suit your needs.

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Sex Education – Abortion

When was the last time you used Mathematics other than the usual addition, substraction, division, multiplication and percentage in real life? Unless you’re an engineer or scientist I am sure that one never uses Sin, Cos Tan or E=MC2 and it was that awful class in 12th grade which haunts you even today!
 Imagine if your parents would have opted you out of the misery and told you for once that you can just throw away your Mathematics or Physics books and relax. What if they could have just signed a sheet of paper and excused you from mathematics or Physics? Well, as terrible as these subjects are, they are still important. Maybe you don’t use it in every day life, but it’s very useful at times and sex education is the same so everyone has to understand and learn about sex education. Children when they grow up get curious about sex, they ask questions, want to see movies which have the real acts in them but cant ask anyone due to the taboo or shame we carry. How do I ask about sex? Why is sex bad? What happens if we have sex? And this ignorance or illiteracy about Sex education leads to multiple problems not only socially but also physically and emotionally to a lot of girls and boys. Even if you don’t pre-plan to be sexually active, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t learn about sex and have knowledge, human anatomy, contraceptives, and the other relevant and important topics that make up sex education. Sex education is just as important as our studies in life, so why do we opt out of one but not the other? 
If one is not updated or does not have proper sex education, it may lead to early pregnancy which may lead to abortion. If one indulges in pre-marital sex due to the fun of it or if someone already has 3 children and accidentally get pregnant due to casual sex, these people have the right to terminate the pregnancy as not terminating it may lead to issues due to social pressures, financial burdens, peer pressures which in turn can take a toll on the mental health of the individual. Knowledge is required and is for everyone, and sex education shouldn’t be limited to certain people because of their parents thoughts and views. Easy access to detailed and comprehensive, medically accurate sex education is a human right. Similarly, easy access to abortion with proper guidance from a registered medical practitioner is also a human right.
Sex is an amazing and a natural part of any living being, and it happens with or without sex education it actually comes naturally. 72% of American most of the teens have had experienced sex or had intercourse and recently we have seen a surge in the early pregnancy with girls in their teens. 99% of Americans will have sex in their lifetime with one or multiple partners. As per the study only 20 states in the US require sex and HIV education be taught in schools but as per me, all states should have sex education. Sex is a basic and fundamental part of being human; but less than half of our states require sex and HIV education, and most of what is taught is sub-par and just a formality. Just because everyone refuse to talk about sex as one feels shame or a social taboo doesn’t mean it’s just going to go away. Its like a cat drinking milk with its eyes closed thinking no one can see her drinking the milk.
There are 35 states in the US that have laws that allow the parents to opt their children out of sex education which should be seriously looked at. these parents need sex education on why is sex education necessary, what is safe abortion? How can one use abortion pills? Until how many months it is safe to have abortion with pills? Where to buy abortion pill kit online? Can you opt your children in or out of mathematics? I respect and am all for religious freedom, but just because you or your religion does not support or allow abortion doesn’t mean your kids will too. It’s very important that teens get all the information they can, and then take proper decision about their own values as they would know what is right and what is wrong and this is their basic right too. One should never let religion or family values be a reason to keep students away from sexual health education. Don’t let your morals obstruct your kid’s learning and their future as you may be able to stop them from learning about sex but soon they will learn about it themselves and it may be a disaster due to their ignorance or illiteracy about the subject. 
How can we help our children? What can we do for them? What will happen if a girl gets pregnant? instead of feeling ashamed because of the social shame, peer pressure and social taboo, think about the child, help them get safe abortion. there are many websites which would help you get abortion pills at doorstep. Now you could even buy mtp kit online. However, you need to look at the health of the child first, be it your wife, sister, daughter or anyone in the family. Try and use contraceptives to avoid the situation but if you miss to do so then don’t shy away to go for abortion.
Sex education is utmost important. It has been proven time and again. We surely know students who receive formal sex education in schools are shown to first have sexual intercourse later than students who have not had sex education as their curiosity is supplied with adequate information and education. Sex education does not actually encourage teenagers to have sex but it does quite the opposite.  
Every teenager should have sex education incorporated into their schooling. It shouldn’t be optional but mandatory. It is our basic and fundamental duty as a society to educate the next generation. Currently, we are failing but that should not stop us from correcting our mistakes. Understand the children and help them in case they need you if at all they get pregnant rather than cursing them.