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There are different ways to satisfy yourself with different kinds of sex however you need good communication and mutual consent no matter what kind of sex is involved. Sex can lead to pregnancy and/or has risks involved with getting contracted to STDs, but there are a few ways to protect yourself from contracting these diseases.
What’s sex?
Different people define “sex” in many different ways. Some people believe that it only counts as sex if there is an intercourse involved where a penis goes into a vagina, but this isn’t a fact for everybody.
Various types of sex include:
  • Vaginal sex (penis-in-vagina which is termed as intercourse)
  • Oral sex (mouth-to-genital contact)
  • Anal sex (penis-in-butt which is again termed as intercourse)
  • Fingering or hand jobs (hand-to-genital contact)
  • Dry humping or genital rubbing
  • Masturbation (touching yourself)
Whatever sex means to you, being sexual with another person comes with a lot of responsibility but at the spur of the moment who thinks about the responsibility???
Before you have sex, you should think about what things you feel comfortable doing and what not, ask what the other person feels comfortable doing, and think about any risks involved — like any sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancy and how to help prevent or terminate unwanted or unplanned pregnancy.
It’s just as important to stop for a while and think about what you DON’T feel comfortable doing and then express about it to your partner. And, its completely okay, if you’re in the middle of doing something that you thought you wanted to do but change your mind. You can stop any time you want and make your partner understand which is very important for the relationship.
If you’re going to have vaginal, oral, or anal sex, talk with your partner about how you’ll help protect each other from sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancy.
If you’re having vaginal sex, it’s also important to use adequate protection for birth control if you don’t want to get pregnant.
What’s oral sex?
Many terms like Going down, Eating out, Blow job are used to define ORAL SEX. These are all names for oral sex which include using your mouth to stimulate another person’s genitals for pleasure.

You won’t get pregnant in such an act but there are always chances of
contracting STD if this is done with unknown partner. The most common problems couples face is UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)
Some people love oral sex, and others find it disgusting. Some people like giving oral sex but don’t like getting it themselves. Some like getting it but not giving it. And all of this is totally fine and normal as it’s up to you to decide what you’re comfortable with, and let your partner know and make him / her understand.
You can’t get pregnant from oral sex even if someone discharges the sperms in ones mouth, but as mentioned earlier, you can get an STD for sure if you don’t protect yourself properly. Although it’s less likely you’ll get an STD from oral sex than from unprotected vaginal or anal sex, but it is safer to use protection. Use a condomto cover the penis, or a dental dam or cut-open
condom to cover the vulva or anus to help prevent STDs.
What’s anal sex?
Anal sex (inserting penis in anus / butt) means penis-in-anus (butt) intercourse. Some people enjoy anal sex, and some people don’t like it at all. It seems easy and interesting if you watch porn but it is very difficult and the most vulnerable way to get STD. If you don’t like it or don’t want to try it, it’s not ok for someone to force you into it. Sex should feel good and be comfortable for both of you which helps in beating stress and get you that feel good feeling.
Anal sex can hurt a lot if you’re not relaxed and don’t use lubricant as it will increase the risk of STD. The anus doesn’t make it’s own lubrication like the vagina does, so using lube helps the penis (or a sex toy) go in the anus easier and keeps the condom from breaking. Anal sex won’t make you pregnant.
Please ensure you do not use anything with oil in it, like Vaseline, lotion, or baby oil. Oil based lubricants can weaken a condom and make it more likely to break. You can get safe lubricants (water or silicone based) in the condom aisle at drug and grocery stores.
You should always listen to your body and stop if you are not enjoying it due to the pain. If anal sex (or any sex) hurts, stop doing it and talk to your partner, doctor on how to overcome the pain. Sex that’s painful or uncomfortable shouldn’t continue and your partner needs to respect that.
You can’t get pregnant from anal sex, but there’s a huge chance of getting STDs, including HIV, from unprotected anal sex (without a condom) especially with unknown partners. So it’s important to always use condoms and lubricants to lower your chances of getting contracted to Sexually Transmitted Disease.
What’s vaginal sex?
This is the most favorite and widely used sex act. Vaginal sex is when a penis goes inside a vagina and stimulates. Some people really enjoy vaginal sex, and some people don’t mainly because of several factors like tight foreskin which does not slide back or small vaginal opening or some people have very large penis size. Some people enjoy with a vulva/clitoris orgasm from vaginal sex alone, and some people don’t get stimulated or reach an orgasm with this kind of act. Just like different kinds of sex, everyone likes different things. Let your partner know what you feel good about.
The risk of getting pregnant and passing of STDs from unprotected vaginal sex is very much higher than other ways. But there are a lot of different birth control methods that help prevent pregnancy. Just like with oral and anal sex, condoms can help prevent STDs and also prevent pregnancy. Do not try to wear 2 condoms at one time thinking it will give you double protection. Accidents mostly happen when one wears 2 condoms as they tend to tear and leak semen. In case one get pregnant during a steamy unprotected sex session, they can have an abortion upto 12 weeks of gestation without undergoing a knife. The easy way to order complete abortion kit at your doorstep is to go to and order them with with a click of a button. The products are FDA approved and GMP certified. Besides this No Prescription is required to buy abortion pills online or buy mtp kit online. Amazing customer service, 24 x 7 support, email support makes this website a better choice than other online pharmacies. They also claim to be the cheapest online pharmacy and claim to match the prices if you find a better deal!
What’s an orgasm?
An orgasm is actually an amazing feeling at the climax of the sexual act. It is the release of tension that happens during sex or masturbation which is a result of a feel good hormone secreted in our brain. It’s can be intense and feels really good. Having an orgasm is sometimes called coming/cumming or climaxing. Men climax rather fast and women take time to climax, men can have 1 orgasm per act and has to restart stroking or having sex to achieve another orgasm after one act finishes while women can have multiple orgasms within one act. Its like tickling the right spot the right way.
Before and during an orgasm, you might notice changes to your body like:
  • your face and chest may become warm and red
  • your heart may beats faster
  • you may experience muscle spasms in your genitals which gives you a good
  • a pleasurable feeling in your genitals or even across your whole body with
    sometimes send mild tremors throughout the body.
During an orgasm, the penis squirts a small amount of semen which may vary with every act or person to person, a whitish liquid that contains potent millions of sperms and other fluids. This is called ejaculation. It’s possible to have an orgasm without ejaculating or to ejaculate without an orgasm, but they usually happen together. Also there is a misconception that if you withdraw your penis before you ejaculate the lady won’t get pregnant. The pre-cum which flows during the act which also is a part of lubrication during the act can get you pregnant. So beware!!
It’s also possible for fluid to ooze out of the vulva before or during an orgasm this is sometimes called female ejaculation or squirting. This fluid isn’t pee or urine. Female ejaculation is less common than ejaculation out of the penis, but if it happens, it’s totally normal and nothing is weird or wrong with you.
Every body is different and there’s not one “right” way to have an orgasm as each one experiences orgasm in different way. One might be able to have an orgasm quickly and easily while others might need more time or a very specific type of stimulation to achieve orgasm. One might be able to have an orgasm when you masturbate but not when you have sex with a partner. All of these differences are normal.  
The goal should be the pleasure both the partners enjoy and not the orgasm. Also, if both partners think about each other to satisfy their sexual climax the act becomes wonderful experience for both of them and none goes disappointed!